Dark days

Dark thoughts

Missing the sun ☀️


Remember, remember

The first week in November is a tough one for me.
The 2nd, 4th and 6th hold such sad memories.
Loss in the extreme, in only two short years.
Grieving for the three of them, haunted by my fears.

Next year I’ll make a promise to hold myself close.
Maybe take a holiday and give it my utmost.
The first week of November, in twenty sixteen.
I’ll write a happy poem to tell you where I’ve been.

Little Elf

Maybe I do need some time to myself
Said the elf as he stood next to me
Some time apart would surely kick start
The love he once felt for me

I packed his bags and opened the door
I beckoned for him to leave
For a day or so, no more, I said
And I wiped my eyes on my sleeve

I had time to think for a very short while
And I missed his little face
I knew I’d lost him forever
He was in his happy place

It’s for the best, I tell myself
Yet the pain in my heart disagrees
I wish him well, wherever he goes
I had to set him free

There’s a part of his life I can never share
A secret place deep inside
Where I’m not invited, nor never will be
For another (or more) there reside

Be well, little elf, think of me oft
The short time we spent together
Felt so right, but was not meant to be
So long, my sweet, 4FR