In Stead

Your eyes, the ones I wish to see
A look to take to bed
Instead, they turn another’s way
Stony with adulterous lies

Your lips, the ones I wish to kiss
A word to fill my heart
Instead, find hollow promises
Tongued with lashing whips

Your mind, the one I wish to know
A thought to turn my head
Instead, alone with own I stay
Deep with shallow kind

Your hand, the one I wish to hold
With fingers firm entwined
Instead, it writes an ode from one
Adream with promised land

My heart, the one I cherish dear
Love, honour and obey
In steadfast faithfulness to me
This knowledge does impart


Your Calling (Please Hold)

I can’t love you at the moment
I’m engaged on another soul
Your love is important to me
Please continue to hold.
Somewhere down the line
I’ll give you my full attention
You’re currently number two in the queue
Number one needs more affection
I can’t love you at the moment
I’ll be with you when I’m free
When I’m finished on this personal call
And I’m back to loving me