Vega’s Tail

I went out walking with my mum
And lots of dogs did sniff my bum
One came along and jumped on board
And all the people said, “Good Lord!”

They all agreed that I was fit
And every one wanted a bit
They even tried to hump my head
Why couldn’t they just play instead?

There was not even a reason
It’s not like I am in season
There’ll be no puppies, ’cause you see
There’s someone else lined up for me

A dashing stud for when I’m two
I’m breeding stock, not destined to
Be impregnated by a dude
So we went home and had some food

But perhaps later, we just may
Be taken out by our dad, Grae
And we’ll make sure he won’t get stuck
Up to his knees in smelly muck!



The coffee got him wired.
Before he gets too tired,
I will take him to bed.
Before his head
hits the pillow,
I will seduce him
with my willowy frame.
It would be a shame
if he falls asleep,
for then we may
have to wait until
I rouse myself
from dreams so deep.
(Probably around noon –
I’d better get there soon!)

(One hour later)

mission accomplished