Dream catcher


He shows his heart on his sleeve
Whispers sweet nothings and writes odes to me
A true gentleman in every sense of the word
Kindred spirit who unlocks birds from cages of their own making
Mage, sage; with wisdom beyond his years
Alleviates fears with a wave of his wand
Wraps tongue around songs whose lyrics trip seductively from lips to lips
He’s a thinker; our meeting a happenstance
A more-than-happy coincidence, if truth be told
He’s a legendary knight of old; a nightly apparition
On a mission vis-a-vis our shared vision
He’s a dream catcher with a rare ability to spin those dreams into reality
Neither a borrower nor a lender be he; creates for all and gives for free
He weaves his words carefully
A romantic sonnet or a saucy haiku
Uniquely crafted to see me through to day break
He takes his leave at sunrise
Slips silently into the crevices of my mind


The First

Herewith, a sonnet my aim is to write
To fill his heart with joy and love to keep
Instead of laying by his side this night
While he, with gentle snoring, falls asleep

Perhaps this is the only way to reach
His mind, his heart, his soul, his flirty wink
For others find a way his words to leech
His blood-like ink upon their page to drink

A picture tells a thousand words, ’tis said
Yet I a challenge make to this cliche
With pictures, ne’er an agile mind is fed
Only with odes to breathe in deep he’ll play

Heed well these words if you would wish to be
The one for whom the first love’s poetry