Everything must go!

This weekend, I’m throwing it all away
It’s all got too much; it cannot stay
It’s cluttering up my once-tidy home
I need a fresh start to smarten the tone
It’s stuff and more stuff, it’s a hoarder’s delight
How could that happen, it seems, overnight?
It may just be one thing that’s tipped me over
But my stuff and his stuff are all mixed together
I can’t find a bean, when I used to be lean
I knew where to locate the things now unseen
But they’ve moved and I no longer know where they are
I check each nook and cranny, but don’t get too far
Messy house, messy mind; I’m craving some space
Where all my belongings are put in their place
Where I can move freely and stay fully able
to walk without bruising my legs on a table
It’s going – the lot – to the charity shops
The teddies, the books and all of the props
I could sell them on eBay, make a small fortune
I would make all the papers – the lovable loon
“Caught on camera in Waitrose in her birthday suit”
(after flogging her clothes at the Sunday car boot).


Up and Down

This one is the equivalent of babble – written very quickly whilst very tired.

When she felt down
She needed a happy face
To put her in a better place
But his empathic soul
Fell down with hers
They both ended up
In a place they didn’t want to be

When he felt down
He wanted to see a smile
A cheerful grin to beguile
But her melancholy gaze
Fell blankly upon him
They both ended up
In a place they shouldn’t have been

When she felt down
She needed a pick-me-up
An overflowing cup
Of saccharin sweet nectar
Poured all over her
But she ended up
Bringing him down with her

When they feel down
They need to get a grip
Force the coin to flip
Paint themselves a happy hue
Be the MEs they need to be
To lift themselves up
Find their own space and place

Bonkers! SlamComp Poetry Competition


Write a poem with ‘I think the world is going bonkers today’ as the first line and maybe also as a refrain – you know that it has to be done!

I think the world is going bonkers today
Throwing a wobbly, spinning in its grave
Screaming, “Stop me, I want to get off!”
Whilst holding itself aloft – in space

Aloft in the space in the loft in space
Just above the cosmic master bedroom
Stops to start to stare at the space below the stairs
Which holds the loft aloft

Streaks straight down the banister
Airlifts up the stairlift till it’s lost in the loft in space
Stares at the stars who laugh as the stairs
Start to strain systematically

There’s a weight on the world
Driving a wedge under the door of the cosmic master bedroom
Just below the loft in space
I think the world is going bonkers today
Lost and spaced