It was written in the stars;
he would push to the limit
to see how far he could go
before she broke.
Forewarned, she watched for the signs.
With strong determination,
she played him at his own game,
watching and waiting,
mirroring his every action.
He broke first.
It was written in the stars.


The World Around Me

The World around me has changed.
Shining light from a billion stars
brightens the night skies.
Music tickles the senses
once deaf to nought but shaded thought.
I see the twinkling in your eyes
when I close mine.
Whilst you are no more in substance,
your spirit is everywhere.
You are the breeze that ruffles my hair;
the sun that kisses my flesh;
the raindrops that wash away my tears;
the moonbeams that open my heart
to water the earth with love.