Wood Land Walks – A Medley

Inspired by a post on Poesy Plus Polemics

In Shakespeare’s town, the U.S. flag flies on a house that Tom built.
Intricate wooden carvings of long-gone craftsmen adorn,
within and without, studded and standing the test of time.
A little dog greets those who care to take a closer look.

To Adlestrop, bombarded by wasps
A brief stop at the bus stop
Just time to read the poem within.

Then all at once I did espy
a treasure that would pass most by –
a beauty for the eye to behold –

Adjourn to forest
Crisp leaf carpet underfoot
Release of the hounds


Splash and drink from muddy waters
Play peekaboo from behind mossy trees
Was anyone around when this one fell?


We walked for miles, and yet,
despite forewarning in verse,
I did not heed what I should,
and was quickly swallowed by the mud.