Tea for Two

Tea for two.
Let’s not get started on numbers again
Although ‘for’ and ‘two’ are, together, the answer 2 …
I said, “Don’t get me started,”
which, in fact, is incorrect, as I actually said,
“Let’s not get started…”
but let’s not get pedantic either.
Back to the poem…
Tea for two
Stop it!

Tea for two.
Black and white
on white with black.
No sugar, please;
I’m trying to lose some weight.
Although, the tea leaves say,
I should try a slice of
magnificent pie…
or two.

Afternoon Tea

Remember those things you used to do
before there was a me and you?
Those things made you who you were.
Don’t think that just because we’re together
what once was has to change.
You don’t need to rearrange.
Remember days out with your friends,
drinking coffee, laughing till you’re round the bend?
None of that has to end.
And please don’t worry about me.
I’m strong enough to see.
And I need my alone time sometimes too.
It doesn’t mean I don’t love you.
When opportunity comes to call,
take the bull by the horns;
jump right in and have a ball.
And if you find you’ve a prior appointment,
don’t see it as a disappointment.
Weigh up your options.
What’s a once-in-a-lifetime meeting
compared to a regular monthly seating?
I don’t want to be the excuse you make.
I don’t want to feel that I have taken
your freedom away.
So what do you say?
I hope it’s a hearty “yes”,
so you can be your very best
with no regrets.
I’ll be here when you come home,
still loving you.