Vega’s Tail

I went out walking with my mum
And lots of dogs did sniff my bum
One came along and jumped on board
And all the people said, “Good Lord!”

They all agreed that I was fit
And every one wanted a bit
They even tried to hump my head
Why couldn’t they just play instead?

There was not even a reason
It’s not like I am in season
There’ll be no puppies, ’cause you see
There’s someone else lined up for me

A dashing stud for when I’m two
I’m breeding stock, not destined to
Be impregnated by a dude
So we went home and had some food

But perhaps later, we just may
Be taken out by our dad, Grae
And we’ll make sure he won’t get stuck
Up to his knees in smelly muck!


Squeeze Me, Please

It’s amusing to muse
as the poetry flows
Appealing to peal
as I ring out my prose
Enchanting to chant
as the mantras I call
Alluding to lewd
as inhibitions fall
Amazing to maze
sometimes twisting and turning
Licensing senses
as I feel the yearning
To riddle or rid
the thoughts tumbling round
Playing with wordplay
as feet leave the ground

Grateful for Grae
(although he’s absurd)
Appreciate his precious
encouraging word
Shower him, to show
for a special birthday
I present this present
and whisk him away
to a castle to cast
away all of his stress
Swearing to wear
my sexiest dress
Squeezing closer to Squeeze
on an Atlantic shore
with a doggerel dog
and another one who is rather scruffy and eats poo,
but who we adore nonetheless.

Happy (early) Birthday!

Let’s get this road trip on the road.

Passion Killers

Tonight, you’re mine completely
Apart from the puppies and cat
But there’s nought I can do about that
I’d kiss you passionately
But I’ve just seen the dogs lick you on the lips
And no doubt you saw them do the same to me
Just after tea
Don’t worry, it was kinda funny
And I kept my mouth closed
Here comes kitty
She’s just been scratching in her litter
and now she’s on your lap
All good; no mishap
Sweetheart, tonight you’re mine completely
What flavour bubble bath?

Walkus – For Dad


Vega: “Dad! We made new friends!”
Haiku: “There was Saffy and Basil…”
Vega: “Don’t forget Gunner!”

Vega: “We saw Sammy Pom”
Haiku: “He looks like a small lion”
Vega: “He remembered us!”

Vega: “Saffy barked at us!”
Haiku: “Basil bared his teeth at us!”
Vega: “Gunner… I’m in lurve…”

Vega and Haiku – ‘Bad cop’ walkus


Haiku: “Bad cop walk again.
Does she know where she’s going?”
Vega: “It’s a new field!”
Both: “Yay!”

Haiku: “This field is all ours.”
Vega: “Watch out for the Staffie pup!”
Haiku: “Mum! Pick me up, quick!”

Haiku: “Why’s it always me
who has to lie on my back?”
Vega: “It’s me, too, this time!”

Vega: “Buster’s not too bad.”
Haiku: “Why am I still on my back!”
Vega: “You can watch us play.”

Haiku: “Look! There! It’s our car!”
Vega: “Our cage isn’t in the back…
We can ride up front.” 🙂

Haiku: “We’re still in the back.”
Vega: “We can see where we’re going.
I like it this way.”

Vega and Haiku – Labradoodles extraordinaire!


I haven’t had much time to do any quality poetry today, so here is a picture of my puppies, and a haiku they did when I took them for a walk the other day.

Vega (‘Big Bear’) and Haiku (‘Baby Bear’) are two labradoodles. They are half-sisters; sharing a Dad. Vega was born in May 2014 and Haiku was born 6 weeks later in June.

When we were choosing names for the pups, we wanted then to be music and poetry-related. I also love the solar system; hence my nickname, ‘Moon’ and the title of the paper ( and website (coming soon), so ‘Vega’ ticked a lot of boxes. Vega is the brightest star in the Lyra (Latin for lyre) constellation and we’d been to see Suzanne Vega the week before we brought Big Bear home.

We had a little longer to choose another name. Before we decided to go with a poetry connection, we almost choose Sushi for the little one (we love sushi – Yo!) Once we’d got the Japanese connection, though, Haiku was an obvious choice.

Vega and Haiku love their walks with Dad, and they’ve picked up the writing bug themselves, writing their own diary of haikus, or ‘walkus’, as they call them.

You can follow their antics on Dad’s site,, although with the proliferation of their writing, I think it’s time they got their own blog!

Word in the field it’s that they’re also in negotiations with a publisher for a book deal! Watch this space!