5Ws + 1H

Why did you lie to me, darling?
Why did you break my heart?
Why do I feel this ache inside?
Why do I sense we must part?
How can I live with no trust?
How can I close my eyes?
How can I block out these feelings?
How can I keep the dream alive?
What can I do to please you?
What can I say in turn?
What will the future hold for us?
What actions can make our love burn?
Who said it was fine to tell falsehoods?
Who buried your heart in the sand?
Who turned your head away from me?
Who took your mind in their hand?
When I saw the words you had spoken
When you told me nothing was writ
When you didn’t think I’d find the evidence
When in between eyes it had hit.
Where do I go now, my darling?
Where will I find love that’s true?
Where will I next lay my hat down
Where can I stay safe, out of view?