Follow, follow, follow, follow

If I have started to follow you
When you already thought I was
It’s not because I unfollowed you (deliberately)
It’s really just because
I have such clumsy fingers
When clicking on my phone
And Reader has become a pain
I guess I’m not alone

Featured image: Bonus poem 🙂



I’m a crack whore.
There, I said it.
Shit! That it should come to this.

When did life become living for the next hit?
Ignoring responsibilities for brain-numbing activities;
neglecting the ones we purport to love.
No lingering cuddles as we bask in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

Instead of reaching out to each other,
we reach for the WordCrack stats.
Just a little comment – housekeeping.
Have you washed the clothes? Oops! I forgot.
I was busy shooting up my next poem.

SimCrack Freeplay in lieu of foreplay.
Can’t let ‘my people’ go hungry.
It’s 4pm. Have you eaten today?
Oops! I forgot.

The dog has escaped. Did you not fix the fence?
Never mind the dogs – I need my Crack Heroes Saga.
Got to stop the frogs stealing water on this level.
Oops! I forgot. Must keep my fluid levels up!

Let’s go out to dinner tonight.
Once, eyes met across the table,
glazed with passion as hands were held.
Now hands hold phones
and eyes glaze as fingers fly.
I don’t know about you,
but I’m having the cold turkey.

You’re having CandyCrack?
Just dessert?

Making pages

I’m getting the hang of WordPress now
It’s only been two years
Afraid of blowing up my site
Now overcoming fears
I’ve learnt to make a menu
And file my words away
Just like drawers in a cabinet
To keep my scribblings safe
Setting up collections
Of poems I keep on losing
For ease of recollection
An aide memoir for choosing
I’ve started with a saga
From NaPoWriMo thirteen
Your curiosity is piqued?
Click here to read the dream