Bright future

Knowledge is coursing
through my eyes into my brain.
Bright future awaits.

I’ve made the decision to take my career off on a tangent, so have signed up for a whole load of courses that are keeping me very busy, and will do for the foreseeable future.

I’m also working on a new project that puts what I’m learning into practice as I go along. (More on that another day).

Exciting times, which will hopefully help me to chill out a little where work is concerned and have more control over my life 🙂


A day in the life

Early morning, mist arising
Over the fields to the bluebell wood
Birds singing sweet dawn chorus
Life has never felt so good

I only see two other souls
A gentle man with his gentler dog
Leisurely walking through the grass
Disappearing in the fog

Beyond the stile, a carpet of blue
Tiny soldiers on parade
Upright, swaying in the breeze
To the unheard song that nature’s made

Turn the corner, business park
Sigh, unhurried through the gates
HGVs and fork lift trucks
Drivers unload with their mates

Down the road, metal mountains
Housing clones in starched grey suits
Private roads and cars are speeding
Faster, past me in my boots

Press the numbers, heavy hearted
Through the door and swipe the card
Into my box on the upper floor
Life has never felt so hard

Lunchtime showers, sun is shining
Rainbows arcing in the skies
Escape the box for sixty minutes
Cursing how much one hour flies

Back to work, another coffee
Feeling sleepy, graveyard shift
Decaf doing nothing for me
Search the cupboards for a lift

Find some chocolate, nom nom nom
All perked up for the afternoon
Head down, keep quiet, get the work done
Life will feel much better soon

All packed up and boots back on
Ready for the long walk home
Through the bluebells, cross the fields
Skipping gaily through the brome

Last stretch of my wanderings
Take the bridge over the tracks
Pause to watch the train’s commuters
Weary faces tightly packed

Home now and I’m through the door
Making tea and reading Zen
Puts the worse things in perspective
Eat some cheese, life’s good again