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Bio: I am muso, I am poet, I am writer. I am. That's me in a nutshell.

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    1. Thank you, Steven. I even managed a little whimsy in my first attempt at erotica. I’ve set up yet another blog for that genre, with the only link to it in Felicity’s Pecan post 🙂

  1. hi jane, thanks for reading and following. i like your approach to life, with a bit of humor and spirit, and look forward to reading more from you. best, beth

      1. I’m almost 63–have good skin (covering rolls of fat), temporarily lost my young outlook. How’d you get the shiner–or is that an indelicate question?

      2. I just sallied over to your blog and found the answer and photo! I thought it was your nephew’s wedding–but now realize it was your daughter’s–sounds like a wildly fun affair!

    1. Thank you, h-o-b. That is most kind and whilst I am very grateful to be nominated and recognised, there are so many blogging awards that I feel it is quite a ‘diluted’ process. To nominate is wonderful, but who then decides on a winner from all the nominations?

      1. it’s already your win. A nomination is a win. That’s what i thought of on my first nomination. In this blogging world, I understand that a nomination is a win. It’s your badge that you’ll have to grab. You are a winner, Jane! Congratulations!

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