A little about me

Who are you?
I’m an individuated unit of consciousness hallucinating a physical reality.

What do you do?
I play with words:

  • writing
  • proofreading
  • editing
  • poems
  • stories
  • lyrics
  • bids/tenders
  • social media
  • websites

I play with music:

  • singing
  • songwriting
  • producing
  • recording
  • guitar
  • ukulele
  • keyboards
  • percussion

I perform:

  • poetry
  • music
  • comedy
  • radio

Who is your family?
My household is made up of:

  • me, J
  • my best friend, G
  • my cat, Rosie
  • doodle 1, Vega
  • doodle 2, Haiku

Significant others are:

  • my daughter, C
  • my son, R
  • mum
  • sister
  • brother

What makes you happy?
I do. My choices create my reality. I can choose to be happy.

Things that make my heart sing:

  • Music
  • Creativity
  • Rainbows
  • Bubbles

If you’d like to ask anything relating to who I am, use the form below. Be as creative as you like with your question – I guarantee a creative answer and a link to your blog 🙂

Your questions

Is Vic there?Graeme Sandford
She asked me to keep that secret 🙂

What is your favorite comfort food when you are having a perfectly horrible day? And why? snapshotsincursive

I tend not to have perfectly horrible days and I’m more likely to strum out the stresses than reach for the fridge.

Food that makes me go ‘mmmmm’:

  • Steak: “I’m stressed, gimme blood” (Rib eye, very rare, practically mooing). Why? Perhaps I need an iron boost at these times.
  • Cheesecake: Cheese and cake! (Not technically cake, I know). Why? I love cheese – and cake – this is a definite stodge factor.
  • Chocolate mousse: Too often, these come in tiny little pots that tease. I’m going to make me a big batch – today – now look what you’ve done! Why? This is one I savour on the tongue to get the full creamy, drawn-out oooooooh sensation . It just feels good.

What was the last piece of poetry you wrote that you “weren’t sure” was good enough to share? Will you share it? GPWilliamson

I generally share everything I write. Even if I think, “this is rubbish”, I’ll throw it out there; ergo everything is good enough to be shared, but not everything I share I consider good. A recent example was Up and Down, written in a hurry in the car, and I didn’t have the patience to change it. It was just a case of, “Babble… but I’ll upload it anyway and never think about it again.”

Surprisingly, it got lots of likes and the first comment was “this is so good!!” I know nothing! My ‘bad’ could be somebody else’s ‘awesome’. It’s all a matter of perspective and taste.

What is Rosie’s favourite form of poetry? – Candy at rhymeswithbug
That’s easy – it’s a Manxu; an ode to cats in 2-2-1-6-1-4-! syllable format:

my cat,
likes to gift me with rats
sometimes, a bird

Your turn! Yes, you reading this. I like you; you look nice and friendly. And inquisitive – definitely inquisitive. Ask me something. Anything at all. 🙂


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