Lyrics are not poetry

Poetry is boring me
I think I’ve lost my muse
There aren’t so very many
Words that you can use
To get across a feeling
To touch one deep inside
I used up one just yesterday
Today’s just wants to hide
Some poems are too fluffy
Others gone too quick
Others think they’re funny
And some just take the mick
I think I’ve gotten word blind
Each one looks like the next
With tones of sea and cloud and sky
And flowers oft bedecked
And then there’s the romantic ones
Filled up with words of love
I’m guilty as the next poet
I’ve writ all the above
I need to take a break, methinks
Besides, I’ve things to do
Like writing lyrics for silly songs
Could that be poetry, too?

6 thoughts on “Lyrics are not poetry

  1. I concede to lyrics being poetry, but not to poetry being lyrics. A song-writing workshop we went to last year challenged us to turn a poem into a song and it wasn’t easy. I had to mash up and mix up the words of the poem and duplicate bits of it to make the chorus – and then I ended up with a protest song, of sorts.

    They are two similar, but quite different beasts. G agrees with me really, he’s just being silly 😉

    I will record the song and see if I still have the original poem that I wrote it from 🙂

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