Tea for Two

Tea for two.
Let’s not get started on numbers again
Although ‘for’ and ‘two’ are, together, the answer 2 …
I said, “Don’t get me started,”
which, in fact, is incorrect, as I actually said,
“Let’s not get started…”
but let’s not get pedantic either.
Back to the poem…
Tea for two
Stop it!

Tea for two.
Black and white
on white with black.
No sugar, please;
I’m trying to lose some weight.
Although, the tea leaves say,
I should try a slice of
magnificent pie…
or two.

4 thoughts on “Tea for Two

  1. A wonderful choice selecting the pie with either tea of coffee. No sugar allows you to enjoy the pie in its natural form. Two thoughts…nicely penned! Enjoy your pie too!

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